Our tear film is an extremely thin fluid layer covering the cornea. The tear film is a complex mixture of oil and water that maintains a smooth corneal surface that is necessary for good vision. A healthy tear film is essential for comfortable eyes and overall eye health.


77% of Australians suffer from dry eye symptoms such as gritty, burning, and red eyes.  These symptoms can range from mild and occasional to persistent and severe.  Up to 44% of people report that their dry eyes symptoms affect their work.

Dry eye symptoms can be caused by aging, the environment, general health conditions, poor blinking, and medication use.

Most people who have symptoms of dry eyes have reduced oil in the tear film, which allows significant evaporation of the tears, causing dry spots. This is usually caused by diseased glands in the eyelids that have become blocked and no longer produce the quality or quantity of oil needed.

We offer a range of dry eye treatments to reduce your dry eye symptoms.

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